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XYC-AKL Newopto IR LED Board for IP Camera

Product name:XYC-AKL

Product application:Newopto

Product information:Click download(For more information, please refer to the product information)

Product description:
Shenzhen Newopto customize cctv camera IR board.The phototransistor of this IR board is anti infrared light interference.Product performance is very stable.
Product introduction
Product Description
Power supply: 5V DC
Pcb board: FR-4 material,thickness:1.6mm,black words,dimension:36.5*42.5mm
IR LED:10pcs IR LEDs :XYC-IR5D850AC-A2,with 1pc F5 green signal indication LED
Phototransistor model number :XYC-PTFM550BC-IC
Phototransistor is anti infrared interference,IR board quality is very stable.
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